Swim With Jellyfishes in Bukas Grande Island, Surigao del Norte

After riding the waves in Siargao Island, which is known for its world-famous surfing wave called “Cloud 9,” enjoy the peace and tranquility of the lagoon at Bukas Grande Island, the home of thousands, probably millions, of jellyfishes.

For years, locals avoided the lagoon because of the mistaken belief that the jellyfishes sting and are poisonous. Much to their surprise, the jellyfishes are actually stingless. With this discovery, the local government opened the lagoon and Bukas Grande Island to tourism for local and foreign visitors to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience of swimming with jellyfishes.

The jellyfishes in Bukas Grande Island are of the same species as those found in Jellyfish Lake in the Pacific Island of Palau, the only other place on earth where jellyfishes and humans can interact. Survivor fans out there will know about Jellyfish Lake as it was featured in two episodes of the Emmy Award-winning reality TV show about castaways. In Survivor: Palau and Suvivor: Micronesia (Fans vs Favorites), winners of the reward challenge had the opportunity to swim on Jellyfish Lake .

The lagoon is accessible via a small boat, and on the way there, be awed and rendered speechless by the beauty of small islands, mangroves and various species of fishes.

Here’s a preview of Bukas Grande Island courtesy of Yachtrider.

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  1. Yeah! It was the seasons when Tom the fireman won, and that skank Parvati won.

    Btw, good article! Definitely, going there one of these days.

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