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Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao IslandBohol Bee Farm can tell you about the birds and bees, and the flowers, and the trees, and the sweet honey they make. It’s a perfect place for relaxation and good food, especially if you are up to trying salad made of flower petals.

Our day trip to Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island entailed a tour of the farm, lots of shopping for honey products and pretty handicrafts, enjoying the view of sea, and of course, a lesson about bee farming. Bohol Bee Farm is a resort and restaurant, providing accommodation and spa services, but day trips are also possible for those staying in other hotels.

Bee Farm Tour

Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao IslandWith hand-made hats on, we were ready to tour the farm. The tour guide showed us the different farm crops and quizzed us a bit about the different types of herbs.

Bohol Bee Farm prides itself on growing crops using organic fertilizers. It’s a fine model for sustainable environment, something we mostly just hear about but not see much.

All the herbs, vegetables, and flowers served at the restaurant are picked straight from the farm, so guests are guaranteed that they’re eating only the freshest produce. A friend thought that the flower salad there was delightful.

So what’s so interesting about bee farming that you have to bother your vacation with a lecture? Well, the bee farm “lecture” isn’t just for people wanting to start cultivating bees for honey production. You can learn a big deal about the lives of bees, such as how, in their short lifespan, they slave to serve the queen bee, all to ensure the survival of the species.

Bohol Bee Farm demo, Panglao Island
Our tour guide sharing all she knew about bee culture

I was finding the bees too boring with their rigid routines and with their following what they’re told, but the guide told us that bees too are capable of rebellion in the ranks. Some bees may establish a new community and venerate a new queen bee. In such a situation, the posing queen bee does not stand a chance. Bee farmers kill it because the honey those rebel bees produce tend to be of low quality.

Mickey Mouse Plant at Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Island
Found in Bohol Bee Farm: Mickey Mouse plant, a rare plant related to the eggplant family

Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Island
View of the sea from Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm Resort

Our bee farm day trip was not all about the bees though. After the tour, we were treated to the fresh sea breeze. Bohol Bee Farm is located at a seaside cliff. Guests can go down and be wowed by the beauty of the sea. The view was amazing and very relaxing. Guests wanting more relaxation can avail massage services that the resort also offers.

Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Island
Bohol Bee Farm offers a refreshing view of the sea.

Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Island
At the seaside of Bohol Bee Farm

One last note: the taste of honey varies depending on the type of plant from which the bees take the pollen. Bohol Bee Farm sells various honey products, but if you need to know, the best-tasting honey happens to be mangrove honey. I’ve taste-tested it, so you can take my word for it.

If you need more details, you can visit Bohol Bee Farm’s website .

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  1. So, did the lecture include the aerodynamical impossibility of bee flight? Lesson to be learned from bees – they should not be able to fly (their wings are too small to support their bodies) but since they don’t know that, they do it anyway!

    ‘love the mickey mouse plant!

    1. Nope, no mention of aerodynamics. That’s in a Discovery Channel tour. But thanks for the info. Didn’t know that.

      The Mickey Mouse plant is not edible, if I remember right. But then, Mickey’s too cute to be eaten. 😛

  2. mindinao sea… god’s facebowl.
    i would like to try some of that mangrove honey. can you include links to sellers of this product?

    bohol seems the place to visit and never go home. you could put more map info. i would like to see more of bohol.

    1. Hi, Will. Bohol Bee Farm has its products here. You can contact them if you wish to order mangrove honey. This store in the U.S. sells mangrove honey online.

      I’m thinking that mangrove honey may not be in abundant supply because of the diminishing mangrove areas. Buying this product may help save the mangroves then.

  3. I am interested to buy raw honey by the bottle of 500 ml. How much is the cost per bottle. Honey that is directly taken from the comb.

    providencio montecillo

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