Exploring Bohol

Bohol offers tourists so many pleasant experiences, from its chocolate hills to its white beaches, visitors are treated to endless surprises. Bohol is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, and why not? Bohol has everything a tourist would look for in a tropical getaway. On top of it all, Bohol trips are fairly inexpensive, organized and complemented by the hospitality of the Boholanos.

What To Do In Bohol

Tourists are sure to visit the Chocolate Hills on Bohol island. Bohol’s chocolate hills were so named for their brownish color during summer. It is best to see the chocolate hills via a day tour package, which normally includes visits to other tourists spots in Bohol.

Chocolate Hills Bohol
The chocolate hills are one of the top tourist attractions in Bohol

On our Bohol trip, we hired a van to take us around Bohol’s tourist spots. In one day, we got to enjoy the view of Bohol’s chocolate hills and had lunch aboard a boat on Loboc River.

We also passed by the stretch of man-made forest on our way to Loboc River. The man-made forest has a lovely magnificence and beauty about it. It must be the uniformity of the sizes of the trees, the cool breeze, and the energy emanating from it that make this man-made forest an splendid tourist attraction.

Loboc River cruise was a nice treat as we got to enjoy a serenade of Visayan folksongs as we feasted on a buffet of local cuisine. More on Loboc River Cruise.

Loboc River Cruise Bohol
Loboc River cruise offers a relaxing trip of Loboc River while enjoying a buffet lunch.

At the end of the day tour, we visited the tarsiers, which happen to be the top tourist attraction now in Bohol.

Bohol vacations are best when they are for more than two days so you can do more interesting activities such as a dolphin and whale-watching adventure. In Bohol, tourists can enjoy watching the dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat, which is way better than watching shows featuring captured dolphins.

We availed of a tour package that took us to Pamilacan Island, a small, isolated island that was turned into a tourist spot with the help of a non-government organization that assisted the locals take care of the island. On our way to Pamilacan Island, we cruised over Bohol Sea, where there we encountered several groups of dolphins. On a lucky day, tourists may encounter whales on Bohol Sea as well. Read more about our Pamilacan Island and dolphin watching trip.

Dolphin Watching in Bohol
Dolphin spotted during our dolphin watching tour in Bohol

Bohol Bee Farm is another recommended tourist spot, where one can learn about bee farming, buy top-quality honey products, and even indulge on the farm restaurant’s flower salad. Bohol Bee Farm in Panglao Island is set on a hill by the sea, and offers great beach resort amenities and accommodation. More on Bohol Bee Farm.

Bohol Bee Farm demo, Panglao Island
Our tour guide sharing bee farming information during our Bohol Bee Farm tour.

If you are one looking for affordable yet worthwhile trips, Bohol is the place to visit. Food is very affordable, especially if you would like to enjoy local specialties. Our favorite hangout while in Tagbilaran City in Bohol was a grill place near our hotel. It is also easy to find affordable, clean accommodation in Bohol.

How To Go To Bohol

Bohol is an hour plane ride from Manila. There are several daily flights from Manila going to Tagbilaran, Bohol. Check Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Airphil Express, or Zest Airways for the best deals. From Tagbilaran Airport, take a taxi cab or van for hire going to the city proper. In Tagbilaran, tricycles are the more affordable alternative to getting around as opposed to hiring a tourist van. Bohol is also very accessible by ferry from Cebu.

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