Food Trip: Razon’s – Best Halo-Halo Ever!

It is summertime again. Halo-halo is in again. Our taste buds judge Razon’s Halo-halo to be the best among all halo-halos around.

Razon's halo-halo To our non-tagalog-speaking readers, halo-halo is a dessert made of different sweet ingredients topped with crushed ice and milk. ‘Halo-halo’ literally means ‘assorted’ based on it having a variety of sweet ingredients that’s blended together. I wouldn’t agree with other people’s translation of it as ‘mix-mix,’ which isn’t really a word, although it describes the action of using a spoon to mix the crushed ice on top with the ingredients underneath. Other variations of halo-halo include ice cream and leche flan on top.

Some people think that the more ingredients there are in the halo-halo, the better it gets. But that isn’t completely true. Razon’s halo-halo only includes three main ingredients: sweetened banana, macapuno, and leche flan. What makes it better than the rest is the perfect blend of the just-right sweetness of the ingredients, the creaminess of the entire mix, and the finely crushed ice.

Razon’s halo-halo was born in Pampanga, a province known for its gastronomical inventions such as sisig. Razon’s had a humble beginning, with three sisters starting out at a small store. Word got out and eventually more and more people approved of its taste. No big ads on TV or radio, just plain word-of-mouth advertising for this resto.

In Manila, Razon’s halo-halo can be found at several branches. There’s one in Robinson’s Galleria EDSA, SM Megamall EDSA, Gateway in Cubao, SM Mall of Asia, Jupiter Street in Makati, Glorietta, Greenbelt, and Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa. Of course, Razon’s halo-halo in the Metro Manila area is priced higher than in provincial branches.

Razon's halo-halo makati
Queue at Razon’s branch in Makati

The first time I tasted Razon’s halo-halo I hugged the dessert cup a bit and told my friends, I wanted to cherish it. Oh well, I’m that silly and exaggerated, but in my not-so-humble opinion, I think it’s the best halo-halo ever.

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  2. pareho ko natikman yun sa razon’s n kabigting’s, all i can say…parehong masarap! subalit, meron pa kaung dapat matikman na talagang masasarapan kau, yun nga lang medyo malayo ang tindahan neto…nasa batangas hehehe. on our way to sn juan batangas’ resort, napadaan kami sa padre garcia at napansin namin ang mahabang pila sa tabi ng kalsada sa tapat ng palengke. syempre nakiusyoso kmi at napagalaman namin na halo halo lang pla ang pinipilahan ng mga tao. isang lola ang abalang abala sa pagsasalin ng panlahok sa mga baso, si ka chedeng daw cya ang may ari ng halu-haluan. umorder ako ng dalawa, tig isa kami ng kasama ko kc tulog yun iba pa namin mga ksama. akala ko ordinaryo lang na halo halo yun binili ko, mahaba lang pila kc sobra init ng araw, pero nun matikman ko e “masarap at malinamnam” cya. ibang klase yun saging nila, akala ko nga e minatamis na sampalok yun nakadisplay sa estante nila. nasa san juan na kmi nun pero panabalik pako sa padre garcia para lang umorder ng halo halo kc dko mapigil sarili ko na ikwento sa mga kasama ko kun gaano ksarap yun halo halo ni ka chedeng kaya yun para patunayan ko daw sa knila e klangan matikman din nila. hanggang sa paguwi sa manila e me baon baon kmi halo halo.

  3. i haven’t tried razons, but we had nokinocs’ halohalo (also in puerto princesa) last week and so far it’s the best we’ve ever tasted.

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