Fiberglass Art of Peter Pinder

Art enthusiasts vacationing in Baguio City ought to treat themselves to a visit to the artsy house of Peter Pinder at Km.8 Asin Road. Peter specializes in fiberglass sculptures and his artworks can be seen right from the roadside and the gate, up to every corner of his house.

Peter Pinder fiberglass art
Fiberglass art piece located at the Pinder house gate.

I had the privilege of hanging out with Peter and Ella Pinder since Ella (formerly Ella Picazo) was my college classmate. Theirs is a family of artists. Pinder’s two daughters from a previous marriage, twins Azra and Samantha, have already made their own names in the Baguio art scene.

Baguio City is home to some of the best artists in the Philippines. A lot of them, Peter included, have chosen to permanently leave their former homes to move to Baguio for a climate that’s more conducive to artistic inspiration. Peter Pinder was originally from the UK, but when he came to Baguio, he immediately fell in love with the place.

Here are some of the artistic treats you may find at the Pinders’ abode.

A fiberglass bust of an elephant peeks through the shrubs


Peter Pinder fiberglass rocks
Rocks and garden amenities made from fiberglass are a good alternative to quarrying

fiberglass jeep
Not including the motor, lights, and wheels, this jeep is made entirely of fiberglass

Some of Ella’s paintings displayed inside the house

Peter’s project at the time of our visit was a rocket ship that was to be a special gift for a kid
The Pinders with Charlene Gonzales

Here’s a bit of inside story on Peter and Ella. I took it as a joke when in response to my question about how he and Ella met, he replied, “she used to sit on my lap when she was 5.” You see, when he came to Baguio in his teens, he rented a room at Ella’s family’s house. Several years later, they met again, and it was then that their love story began.

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