Crocodile Encounter at the Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Crocodile Farm is the highlight of typical city tours in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, though it is not my favorite trip because I still find them quite scary. But the Crocodile Farm tour is quite educational and was surprisingly fun for children. The tour, worth 20 pesos per person, takes visitors through the process of breeding crocodiles.

Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa, Palawan entrance
Palawan is home to a host of crocodiles that roam in the wild. One crocodile even made the news after it swallowed a young girl who was playing near a swamp area. Puerto Princesa’s Crocodile farm facility, however, is solely for breeding crocodiles for commercial purposes.

Skin of what's said to be the largest crocodile captured.
Skin of what’s said to be the largest crocodile captured.

Crocodiles are valued for their skin that’s turned into leather products. Crocodile meat is also served as a delicacy for the food adventurers. Some restaurants in Puerto Princesa, such as the famous Kinabuch’s serve crocodile dishes. Expect it to taste like chicken.

Visitors are taken to the hatchery, where the baby crocodiles are born and through a den where the adult crocodiles are kept. Visitors can sample feeding the crocodiles to witness how they feed. The greedy style of feeding, grabbing of food tells a lot why Philippine politicians are usually metaphorically compared to crocodiles.

Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa, Palawan hatchery

Visitors feed the crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm
Visitors feed the crocodiles at the Crocodile Farm

Everybody’s favorite part of the tour has got to be the photo ops with the baby crocodiles. With the crocodile’s mouth tied up, guests can hold the crocodile and have their pictures taken for souvenirs. The children with us enjoyed this tour a lot, even finding the otherwise-scary crocodiles cute when they took pictures with the baby crocodiles. I had to muster all courage to go through this part of my Puerto Princesa experience. Since the proceeds from the photo ops go to conservation efforts, it was easy to find the courage.

Crocodile Farm, Puerto Princesa, Palawan photo op
The tour is limited to the hatchery and the small dens to give visitors a glimpse of what goes on inside a crocodile farm. A far larger number of crocodiles are to be found in the area, but visitors are not allowed to visit that part of the farm. Crocodile Farm also has a zoo featuring other animals living in Palawan.


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