Caliraya Lake Resort, Lumban, Laguna

Caliraya Lake, Laguna is one of the most accessible travel destinations for Metro Manila residents wishing to take a relaxing break from the busy city life. Caliraya Lake, located in the town of Lumban, Laguna, is about 2 hours away from Manila and very near Laguna Lake. Visitors to Caliraya Lake are treated to a scenic view of the famous Laguna de Bai.

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

The lake of Caliraya is a man-made lake that used to be reserved for the elite. Today, it is an ideal place for spiritual retreats, company team buildings and wholesome vacations for the family.

Our company recently held our team-building activities at Caliraya Re-creation Center & Resort. Excitement gripped everyone just as we entered the vicinity of Lake Caliraya. Caliraya Lake provides a breath of fresh air among lush, green landscape set against the Sierra Madre mountain range.

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

Upon arriving at the lakeside, visitors will have to board a boat to get to the other side of Caliraya Lake. That’s where the resort facility is located. Caliraya Lake is not too big, but it sure is gorgeous and serene at the same time, perfect for people seeking peace and quiet.

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna
Pier for crossing Caliraya Lake

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna
Cottages at the Caliraya Lake resort

Caliraya Re-creation Center & Resort is built and conceptualized specifically for spiritual retreats. There are facilities amenable to quiet solitude and contemplation. Although the resort is also a popular venue for company trips, such activities do not get too rowdy that they disturb other guests. The resort includes facilities for various activities, including a zip line, mudslide, swimming pools, and water sports activities such as fishing, kayaking, and jet ski.

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna
Mudslide at the Caliraya Re-creation Center and Resort

The Caliraya Lake resort is a perfect destination for residents in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It offers accommodation fit for families as well as small and big groups. There are designated hours for meals, served in all-you-can-eat buffet at the mess hall.

Overall, Caliraya Lake is a great getaway, meeting the needs of every guest. The best part is that resort employees are service-oriented and very courteous to guests.

Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

How to go to Lake Caliraya

Directions: From Manila, there are two ways to go to Lake Caliraya. One is via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). The other route is via Manila East Road. On a typically heavy-traffic day, it would be better to go by Manila East Road. This route would go through Antipolo, Teresa, up to Paete and Lumban, where Caliraya Lake is located. Coming from SLEX, go to Calamba, then Los Banos, up to Pagsanjan and turn to Lumban. As this is a very long and quite complicated journey to people not familiar with the area, it would be better to bring a physical map to navigate better.


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  1. magkano po ang rate per pax? punta po kase ma2ya, 10-12 pax po kmi, mgkno po kaya maga2stos & kaya po ba ng mghapon? pplllsss…. asap po, wala po talaga akong idea. .

      1. you can get a duplex (P1,500 per pax) minimum of 10 pax to avail it though. includes 3 buffet meals for overnight and free use of several facilities, mud slide, slide pinoy, earth ball. can’t remember the rest. going there this Saturday for ocular visit. will update you then.

  2. hi… cud we have a quotation of how much will it costs us?… june 11 to 12 po… overnite for 16 persons. thanks.

  3. how much would it cost for a 2 nights 3 days stay for 6 adults and 2 kids…..will be vacationing this december there in the philippines…..

    Kind Regards,

  4. Hi,

    Ask ko lang sir kung may list kau ng mga package mga 10-14 kmi pa send naman sa email ko thanks saka ung mga amenities na kasama..

  5. Hi, it is a beautiful and relaxing place. can i ask for the rate or any promo package of your resort. we are interested to visit your place.thanks

    1. I don’t work for the resort. I was also a guest there. But their duplex cottage can accommodate 10 people, maybe up to 12. There’s a mezzanine and 2 bathrooms.

  6. Hi po, I work here in KSA and I like to know how much for 4 to 5 person? We want to have a vacation there to spend my time for only 3 to 4 days including rooms, thanks ang more power po,

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