Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur

Vigan Heritage Village in Ilocos Sur is stunningly beautiful at night. I made a blog post to feature romantic Vigan at Night, but I thought it’s just right to showcase it during the day, where all the interesting details are best captured.

Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur

Vigan was part of our Ilocos to Pangasinan tour. We first explored Laoag, went up north to Pagudpod to enjoy the serene white beach there, then travelled south to Batac to visit Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos SurMarcos Museum, Vigan, and finally, Pangasinan.

Vigan Heritage Village is where Ilocos region’s rich culture and history are crafted in ornate architecture, furniture and detailed ornaments. For this reason, Vigan Heritage Village was considered a UNESCO Heritage Site to preserve the cultural past of the Ilocandia region.

Visitors can explore the area of Vigan Heritage Village via a kalesa ride, available near the Vigan church, or they can walk through the village of rows of residential buildings built during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.

Vigan Heritage Village was designed just like a typical town during the Spanish era in the Philippines. At the center is a square with the church on one side and the municipal building on the other side.

Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur bench

Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur - Church
Church at Vigan Heritage Village. This also serves as landmark to people looking for Vigan Heritage Village if they travel by bus.


Vigan Heritage Village did well in building the modern additions to the village in accordance with the colonial style of the houses and buildings in the heritage park. Fastfood restaurant buildings are patterned after the Spanish-style buildings such that they become part of the old town.


Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur - McDonald's
McDonald’s built similar to the style of buildings in Vigan Heritage Village


Vigan Heritage Village in Details

Walking through the village can reveal much about the old Ilocos culture, which was centered on farming. Here are just some of the curious items up close and their roles in the lives of Ilocanos, past and present.


Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur - religious items
Religion plays a major role in Ilocano culture. Around Vigan Heritage Village, religious wood carvings such as these are commonly found.


Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur - rice mill
This implement was used in the region for milling rice.



Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur
Such a unique item, but this was what Ilocanos used to feed their pigs.



Vigan Heritage Village, Ilocos Sur kawa
Kawa used for cooking food, usually for big gatherings, such as fiestas.


How To Go To Vigan:

Directions: Tourists from Manila can reach Vigan by air via Laoag. From Laoag Ilocos Norte, take a bus going to Vigan. There are also several buses offering trips to Vigan from Manila, Pasay or Quezon City. Buses bound for Vigan, whether coming from Laoag or Manila, will pass by the Heritage Village. The bus ride from Manila will take around 8-10 hours, so patience is needed.


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