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Shopping Delight at Divisoria Malls 168, 11/88, and 999 Malls

Divisoria Malls such as 168, 11/88, and 999 malls are the main reason I usually do not shop too much when I’m abroad. I check the price and realize that I could get the same product at an even lower price at Divisoria malls. 168 Mall is the most well-known mall in Divisoria, Binondo Manila, but it’s now surrounded by adjacent malls with similar names – 11/88 and 999 malls.

168 Mall Divisoria Binondo Manila

It’s a bit crowded in 168 Mall, especially in its older building, but the newer buildings are quite spacious, comparable to the other malls in Metro Manila. 168, 11/88 and 999 malls carry a broad assortment of products, from clothes, to shoes, bags and accessories, to hardware and office supplies. There is a section in 168 Mall that carries fashion apparels and items imported from Hong Kong, all at the lowest prices available. Need I say that there is a kind of satisfaction and joy in shopping at these malls. It’s a shopper’s Mecca.

Due to the increasing number of shoppers flocking 168 Mall, it added more parking spaces for customers, so parking is not a problem there anymore. At the back streets of 168 mall, you can find even bigger bargains, with shops carrying all sorts of products.

11/88 Mall Divisoria Binondo Manila

Shopping Tips

At 168, 11/88 and 999 malls, haggling skills come in handy. Haggling requires ability to read minds (sort of) and negotiating through body language. I personally do not like haggling too much that I leave the seller with very minimal profits. What’s important is that I get the most appropriate price for the quality of the goods I’m buying.

I tend to tell my friends not to buy or haggle with male vendors because they tend to price the merchandise a bit too high and would not let you negotiate. It’s also best if you can negotiate with the actual store owners since they decide on the last price for an item. Also, remember the ethics of haggling. When you start negotiating for a price, and you agree on a price, you are expected to buy the item. If you don’t buy it, you’ll surely irritate the vendor. If you are not into the game of haggling, simply ask the vendor for the last price. It’s the simplest way to negotiate.

Real bargains happen when you buy wholesale. In Divisoria terms, wholesale may be given to when you buy at least 6 items. Always ask for the wholesale price if you are buying more than 6 items. It would also be wise to go around first before deciding where to buy.

168 Mall Divisoria Binondo Manila
168 Mall Divisoria Binondo Manila

How to Go to Divisoria Malls

168, 11/88 and 999 malls are located near Reina Regente Street. 168 Mall is at the end of Felipe II Street. Commuters can reach the area by getting on Divisoria-bound jeepneys coming from various parts of Metro Manila. Divisoria jeeps are also available at Recto Station of MRT 2. When coming from MRT line 2, get off at Recto station. From LRT line 1, get off at Doroteo Jose station. From these stations, you can take a jeep to Divisoria.

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