Manila East Road – Alternate Route to Laguna from Metro Manila

Manila East Road is a good alternative road for people driving from Metro Manila to Laguna or Quezon. This scenic alternate road would come in handy if you want to avoid being in mad rush of vehicles going south during peak holiday seasons and crazy long weekends.

Manila East Road, the scenic route to Laguna
Take this alternate road if you are coming from Metro Manila and going to areas around Laguna de Bay, Lumban or the town of Paete.


It doesn’t matter if you’re unfamiliar with Manila East Road. The best weapon you can use, of course, is a good ol’ map or you can be guided by Google Maps on your mobile device. You will be passing by Cainta, Antipolo, Teresa and several towns of Laguna, including, Tanay, Pililia, Siniloan, Pakil, Paete and Lumban.

The best way to access this would be from Ortigas Avenue, then Ortigas Avenue Extension, E. Rodriguez, eventually leading to the National Road and Manila East Road. Alternatively, you can take Marcos Highway then take Imelda Avenue to get to Ortigas Extension.

What’s Along the Road?

Taking this alternate road is a breath of fresh air. You get to enjoy views of rice fields, mountains and Laguna de Bai. In Teresa, you will meander around the mountainside.

Laguna de Bay – The road goes around the grand lake of Laguna. You can stop at any vantage points at the hilly portions of the road. One trip along this road, we got to stop at a restaurant that offered a commanding view of Laguna de Bay.

Laguna de Bay, Laguna
Stop over for a great view of Laguna de Bay






Paete. This is a great way to visit the town of Paete, which is known for its artistic wood carvings and paper mache. There are a few stores along the highway, but if you want all the best, you can go to the town proper to get a wider variety of stores to choose from.


Paete, Laguna shop
One of the Paete shops along the road.


Caliraya. Manila East Road is the scenic route to get to Caliraya Lake. There are resorts in the area to give you the relaxation and retreat you need from the busy work week. Check out my blog on Caliraya Lake’s Re-creation Center.


Caliraya Lake Resort, Laguna

Pagsanjan. A few more miles and you will get to Pagsanjan, where you can stop by and get on a tour to go to Pagsanjan Falls. Accommodations are also available in the area.

Liliw. From Pagsanjan, drive some more to access the town of Liliw, renowned for its tsinelas and shoes. Liliw is usually a stop of visita iglesia tours every holy week. There are beautiful churches in the area of Liliw and Nagcarlan, including the Nagcarlan church and underground cemetery.

Liliw Laguna

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