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Learn to Surf and More in Baler, Aurora

Since it became a surfing destination, Baler, Aurora has become one of the more famous travel destinations for people looking for a getaway near Metro Manila. With strong waves, especially during the monsoon season, Baler has turned into a top choice for surfing enthusiasts.

Surfing Baler Aurora
With some of the best surfing instructors around, people are heading to this beach area to learn to surf. With a few lessons, you can get to enjoy this beautiful and exciting water sport. Even with calmer waters, it is still worth it to come to Baler to learn to surf.

I have to say, I’m happy to have visited this place. The place speaks to me, the simplicity, the rustic smell of the earth, and it being set between the mountains and the sea make me feel warm inside. To me this is the easiest way to get away from everyday stress. It’s one of the easiest getaway destinations for stressed out Metro Manila people.

Getting there shouldn’t be a hassle either. If you don’t have a car to drive there, just get on a bus midnight or after midnight, get some sleep and wake up to Baler in the morning. You will then be ready for breakfast near the beach.

Pantabangan Dam on the way to Baler
On the way to Baler, get a glimpse of Pantabangan Lake.

Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons are available along Sabang Beach, the main beach in Baler. Surfing lessons typically costs 300 pesos per hour. It doesn’t matter if the waves are large or not, the quality instructors will surely get to help you find the right balance to ride the waves.





Non-Surfing Activities

Baler is a historical town. For people who are not into the high adrenalin sport of surfing, Baler is a perfect way to relax and be away from the busy city life. There is the Museo de Baler and Dona Aurora House, which can easily be reached by tricycle from Sabang Beach. You can also have the tricycle driver take you to other tourist spots in the area, including Ermita Hill and Mother Falls. The drivers usually offer day trips to visitors in the area.

Museo de Baler, Aurora Province

Mother Falls, Baler, Aurora

Where to Stay

There are many hotels and inns along Sabang Beach. Simply choose one that suits your budget and standard. Among the more famous are Aliya Surf Camp, Bay’s Inn and Costa Pacifica, which is a bit high end. The beach is also lined with affordable inns that will suit anybody’s budget. It will be best to make reservations early on, especially if coming to Baler on weekends and busy season, as the hotels and inns get fully booked easily.

Costa Pacifica Baler, Aurora

How to Go to Baler

The best way to go to Baler is by bus commute. There are buses that leave from 12 midnight until early morning via Genesis buses in Cubao. You can sleep during the trip, and wake up in Baler for breakfast.

If you prefer extra comfort, Genesis Joy Bus is the best choice. This bus provides more leg room. It can be rather difficult to get a good sleep on their regular buses. It is recommended to get a reservation if you intend to take the Joy Bus.

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