Pinatubo Spa Town: Relaxing Volcanic Spa Experiece

What will perfectly complement a trek to Mount Pinatubo  is a few hours at Pinatubo Spa Town. Located in Capas, Tarlac, this spa facility also serves as the starting point of 4×4 trips to the crater of Mount Pinatubo.

Pinatubo Spa Town

Pinatubo Spa Town provides what every hiker to the volcanic crater will need, including shower rooms, massage and spa services. After an exciting 4×4 ride and a difficult trek to the crater of Mt Pinatubo, expect to be covered in ash from head to food. You’ll be happy to know that this place can provide you with a facility to clean up at affordable rates.

Even more satisfying would be to avail of massage services from their resident massage specialists. This should relieve all the muscle pain, which would be tough especially if you’re not that used to trekking.

Pinatubo Spa Town
Getting buried in hot volcanic ash from Mount Pinatubo.

Another excellent option is to try their volcanic spa service. We got to experience this on our second trip to Pinatubo. We didn’t go to the crater because of the weather so we decided to enjoy volcanic spa instead. Imagine being buried on hot volcanic ash, with only your head not covered by sand. The volcanic ash is heated by ovens surrounding the rectangular area filled with volcanic sand.

In another corner, they have a mud spa, where you can bathe in volcanic mud, said to be good for the skin.

Health Benefits

Pinatubo Volcanic Spa They say volcanic spa is good in de-clogging the arteries, and you will feel the effect as hot sand doing its magic. But you have to be careful because it can also dehydrate you. Make sure to drink lots of fluid afterward.

Overall, the experience was fun and relaxing.

Pinatubo Spa Town also provides Filipino and Korean dishes to guests, so if you have companions who do not feel like going up the volcano, they can opt to stay and wait for you at this facility.

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