Binondo, Manila

Chinatown Binondo: Best Trip to Find Some Luck

Binondo, Manila turns festive every Chinese New Year. Days before Chinese New Year, the entire Binondo Chinatown area gets extremely busy.

Ang Pao, Chinatown Binondo

It’s the perfect place to find tikoy (sticky rice cake), lucky charms and witness the festivities of this highly important annual event for the Chinese. You can do all that while you enjoy the different delicacies to stimulate your palate as you roam around the streets of Binondo.

Tikoy (Sticky Rice Cake) Store in Chinatown Binondo
Tikoy (Sticky Rice Cake) in different flavors at a store in Chinatown Binondo

During the Chinese New Year festivities, you may chance upon dragon dancers on the street. The traditional dragon dance is said to bring good luck to the businesses around Binondo.

All around, you’ll see fruits perfect for New Year celebration. Traditionally, the Chinese display pineapple adorned with round citrus fruits, symbolizing good fortune.

You’ll also find ang pao, or the red envelope, which you can use to give money to friends or relatives during New Year. Giving is important as this will mean that you’ll be ready to welcome good fortune into your life.

Where to Buy Lucky Charms

Feng Shui store in Chinatown Binondo

If you’re looking for lucky charms, then Chinatown Binondo is the right place for you. Binondo is filled with many Feng Shui stores selling lucky charms believed to bring good luck for the new year ahead. 

While there are Feng Shui stores all around Chinatown, the bulk of them are particularly found around Ongpin Street.

Store owners can guide you about the different lucky charms to use. They can tell you which items to use as protection against bad luck or to attract good fortune in the coming year.

One tip I can give is that the Feng Shui lucky charms are priced very differently, so it’s best to go through different stores to see which store has the best price.

The more prominent stores price their items way higher. You’ll be surprised to know that the other store nearby prices items about 50% less or more.

Many of the statuettes are pretty decorative, so even if you’re not into using Feng Shui items for luck or to drive away bad luck, you can still use these figurines as decorative items in your home or business.

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