Strawberry-Picking at Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet lets visitors pick the strawberries themselves. Tourists can choose a farm for their strawberry-picking and pay for their harvest afterward. Price per kilo is slightly higher than if they were to buy the strawberries pre-packed by the vendors. Still, it’s a fun experience for kids and city folks not used to the farm life.  Continue reading “Strawberry-Picking at Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet”

BenCab Museum, Baguio City

BenCab Museum turned out to be a fine art refuge one rainy afternoon we were vacationing in Baguio City. Many tourists were visiting the museum that day, famous undeniably for the name it carries. Named after celebrated national artist Ben Cabrera, this art gallery provides a friendly maze for exploring not only the artworks of BenCab, but also of other artists, both the well-known and those still establishing a name. Continue reading “BenCab Museum, Baguio City”