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Exploring Guimaras Island

Guimaras Island seems to me, an unspoiled land. It’s very rural and peaceful, with lush vegetation all over. Most important thing to remember about Guimaras is that it is home to the best mangoes in the Philippines. Guimaras beaches are also fun to explore. Guimaras Island, however, is not only about scenic beaches and mangoes. Continue Reading

Beaches, Ecotourism, Guimaras, Resorts

Guimaras Island Hopping

Guimaras Island – Our first activity on the list was to go island hopping aboard a boat that brought us to different islands and islets as well as other resorts in Guimaras. I’m one island hopping enthusiast merely because I enjoy boat rides and love seeing new and unique islands. Continue Reading

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Caliraya Lake Resort, Lumban, Laguna

Caliraya Lake, Laguna is one of the most accessible travel destinations for Metro Manila residents wishing to take a relaxing break from the busy city life. Caliraya Lake, located in the town of Lumban, Laguna, is about 2 hours away from Manila and very near Laguna Lake. Visitors to Caliraya Lake are treated to a scenic view of the famous Laguna de Bai. Continue Reading

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Puerto Princesa Palawan and Loving Sabang Beach

We rave about the Underground River tours and the island hopping trip, but for me, the best part of our Puerto Princesa trip was Sabang Beach. Palawan boasts of many lovely beaches, including El Nido, which is some eight hours away by bus from Palawan’s capital city, Puerto Princesa. But if you want a fine-looking beach that’s only a few hours away from Puerto Princesa, then Sabang Beach is just perfect. Continue Reading